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Grafting Experiment!

Monday, February 18, 2008

This weekend I experimented with fruit tree grafting, using freshly cut twigs from a friend's trees.  I tried grafting for the first time last winter, but I think my timing was off, and the grafts didn't take.  This time, the trees in my yard are just starting to bud, so the sap is flowing again - ready to nourish the grafted cuttings. 


For this grafting experiment, I used about five cuttings from the donor "yellow plum" tree (type unknown), and attached them to my purple Santa Rosa plum.  I also added five cuttings of an apricot branch to one of my pluot trees. 


I used two different cutting styles to try to increase my chances for success.  Some of the grafts were applied using angled cuts on both branches.  The others used a grafting method that is closer to a "tongue and groove" shape, which allows the cutting to fit a bit more snugly into the host tree's branch.  I tied them all on using rubber bands so the joints would be tight, but be able to grow somewhat.


I also have a branch from a pear tree that I may try to graft soon.  My pear trees are a little too young, though, and don't have quite as many branches to choose from to apply the graft.


Stay tuned.  I hope it works!  It would be great to create a "fruit salad" tree that brings more fruit diversity to our yard.

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