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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Welcome to my new Edible Berkeley blog.  In this section, I will profile one residential garden in Berkeley, California that I know very well--my own backyard.  I hope to use it as an example of the food producing potential of urban and suburban landscapes, and inspire you, the reader, to do something similar on your own plot of land, no matter how small.

My goal is to provide updates twice a month, and chronicle the food produced in my backyard all year long.  I have been working on this edible garden for four years now, tinkering with perennial and annual beds, planting fruit trees, and nurturing herbs and flowers to create a consistent harvest that spans almost the whole year.  I am still continuing to experiment, and hope to fill the harvest gaps as the garden matures. 

Please tune in on a regular basis to join me for this ongoing experiment in urban gardening!

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